Detox Heading

See & Feel Results Instantly!

The amount of dirt and toxin’s which our machine’s can remove is actually quite amazing!

Have a look at the photos to the right, and see how much difference in water colour change there is within a 30 Minute Period....

Detox Demonstration


Spoil yourself with 30 minutes of total relaxation in air condition comfort and receive more energy, better circulation, less stress, increased memory power and many more benefits.


1. Cleansing foot spa which extracts toxins through an ionic process, by balancing the lymphatic drainage system.

2. While enjoying our massage chairs & visually stimulating your mind, body and soul.

3. As you listen to Holistic music, scientifically proven to enhance the brain and provide the benefits of meditation.



• Fatigue • Eczema • Asthma • Sleep Patterns • Alertness • Blood Sugar • Acidity levels • Cholesterol Levels
• Osteoparosis • Tabacco / Smoking Addiction • Arthritic Pain • Acne • Stress • Skin Texture • Hair Condition
• General Metabolism • Psoriasis • Weight Loss • Improves Aura • Liver & Kidney Function • Reduced Alcohol Desires

Detoxifying area of body from • Kidney • Bladder • Liver • Prostate Areas • Joints • Cellular Debris • Gall Bladder
• Lymphatic System • Blood Clotting Materials • Urinary Tract