Detox Heading

Ionic foot spa's represent an innovative new technique for detoxifying the body, relieving strains and restoring the feeling of well being. Ionic foot baths are basically foot bath spas that use electric current to pull out toxins from the body. As a result of the ion cleanse foot bath process, heavy metals and other toxins are released into the bath water while at the same time, positive ions are being produced leading to a slight and beneficial increase in the user's body pH. It is the perfect way to relax and detox at the same time, while rebalancing the body's natural equilibrium between positive and negative ions.

Removing the toxins from your body does many things, including: boosting your immune system, removing heavy metals that have accumulated, and clearing the blockages in your lymphatic system. Your body's pH levels are increased slightly so that your natural cleansing systems can work at their optimal level to clear out those harmful toxins. You will feel more energized, your chronic pain may be lessened, and your overall health will improve.
Foot Spa System

Our bodies will attempt to detoxify naturally every day, however due to our lifestyles and our environment our bodily system is often unable to eliminate these toxins completely. In order for our body to function at an optimum level and rid our systems of these toxins we must rest for 8-10 hours per night, have a flawless diet and exercise regularly. Since this is not the case with most people, it is impossible for our bodies to eliminate these toxins on its own which leads to a build up in our systems.


Detox foot baths are one of the simplest, yet most advanced form of detoxification available today.

As you soak your feet in the warm water it will open the pores and prep your feet for the detox process, which may also remove fatty acids within the feet. It is important to keep in mind that the tap water being used is not completely filtered and therefore will contain some of its own toxins.

So, why is there so much focus on our feet? The reason that many people prefer to detox through their feet is because it is one of the most effective ways to cleanse your body of toxins. It is actually a bath that uses new-age technology to draw out toxins through your reflexology points in the arch of your foot.

Pimples, rashes, dark circles under the eyes, swollen joints, yellow, green and blotched complexions often indicate a build-up of tissue acid wastes inside the body. Dietary modification and herbal detoxification supported by Ion cleanse Sessions have been shown to substantially reduce and even eliminate these conditions.



Do I really have toxins in my body? How did they get there?
Yes, toxins accumulate in our bodies from many things in the environment around us. Fertilizers and chemicals are used to grow the food that we eat every day, the cars we drive put pollutants in the air, on other chemicals and man-made items all around us. We are constantly around these toxins, taking them into our bodies. These toxins continue to build and it is necessary to flush them from our system.

What do toxins do to my body?
As toxins accumulate, they cause imperfections such as pain, sickness, poor health, disease and fatigue. Our immune systems are not strong enough to combat the toxins we face, so these toxins will wear us down. Removing the toxins from our bodies can improve health and wellness overall.

Why should I detox?
Removing toxins from your body through detox allows your body to heal itself without the block of the toxins. You may feel more energized, less pain, have better circulation and an improved immune system. Because everyone's body is different, your results may differ from others.

How do I remove these toxins?
There are several different procedures to remove toxins from your body. One of the most effective parts of your body is to focus on the feet- the feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and contain many acupuncture points and nerve endings, so it is an ideal place to remove toxins.

The reflex points in your feet are connected to the entire body. In addition, your body will naturally send toxins to your feet because it is the furthest point from the heart. Using heat to open the pores, you can apply natural ingredients to pull the toxins from the body.

Detox foot baths are ideal for this process, because you can relax while the process is taking place and then feel more healthy and rejuvenated.

How often should I detox?
It depends on how much toxin has built up in your body. Many people follow a regimen of foot detoxing once a week, but some people need it more than that in the beginning. Look at the color of the discharge in the water of your detox foot bath-- if the color is dark and thick then your body pushed out a lot of toxins. Continue to follow the detox process until the color lightens up.

Are detox foot baths safe?
Detox foot baths are very safe to use-- they do not put any chemicals into your body. The detox foot bath does not contain any chemicals, you only use salt water that is ionically charged to complete this process.

Do I need to use the detox foot bath with both feet?
To get the greatest benefits from the bath you should place both feet in the water. If you only use one foot you are not maximizing your pressure points, it is more effective to place both foot in the bath.

Why am I in more pain or fatigued after my first detoxification?
If you are using the detox foot bath to help alleviate joint pain, you may find that your joints are a little more tender after the first detox session. Or you may find that you are more tired than normal. Different bodies react to healing in different ways-- your body is just trying to pull the toxins from the affected areas. This discomfort is tolerable and will pass within a couple days-- especially if you continue to use the detox foot bath.